What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You


Get ready to defend your flavor.



You're probably so sick of everyone calling you things like “boring” and “predictable” just because you happen to like vanilla. Unfortunately, those people are right because that is a super boring flavor. What are you so afraid of? Getting hurt? By other flavors? But it's OK. You just appreciate the simple pleasures in life like crossing the street RIGHT before the walk sign appears or eating a bowl of soup while staring at a wall.


Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean

Everywhere you go, you're constantly greeted by “Sir” or “Madame” or “Your Excellency.” Everyone is intimidated by how sophisticated and classy you are. And everyone is always coming to you for your extensive knowledge of food and wine. You drink 100-year-old scotch on your yacht off the coast of Ibiza as you laugh a hearty chuckle at the sunset. You are probably, no, definitely wearing a top hat right now because you are literally the fanciest person in the world.




The world can be divided into two kinds of people: People who like strawberry ice cream, and people who think strawberry ice cream is garbage food that no one in their right mind would choose to ingest unless threatened with bodily harm.

So, you like it, eh? Well, you're one bold individual. You don't care what anyone thinks. You strut down the street with a mild, measured confidence that says, “I've made peace with my life choices.”




You're smart, good looking, and generally loved and envied by everyone you meet. You're blessed with a raw talent most people can only dream about. You're destined to be successful in your career and if we're being honest, other people wish they could be you. You probably didn't notice, but one time Ryan Gosling saw you walk by and said, “Wow! Who was THAT?” Because he was very impressed by you, just generally.


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