27 Savory Latin American Snacks To Try Before You Die


That sounded kind of aggressive, but you know what I mean. Tacos are not on this list because you probably already eating one right now.



Croquetas are fried, breaded little morsels of creamy ground ham or chicken or cod fish. They're great finger foods at parties, and positively transcendent in sandwich form between two slabs of buttered Cuban bread. Then again, you could place literal garbage between buttered Cuban bread and it'd be delicious.

If you don't mind your home smelling like “fried stuff” for the next several years, you can try to make them yourself.

Jonathan Pincas/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: saynototheoffice

Papas Rellenas

Papas Rellenas

Essentially “potato balls” (stop), papa rellena translates to “stuffed potato.” These are fat, breaded little spheres are velvety mashed potato, lovingly surrounding a generous spoonful of ground beef, usually mixed with onions, peppers, and chopped olives. And angel smiles.

Travel Aficionado/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: travel_aficionado



“Pupusa” is a fun word to yell out your car window, and it's also a delicious treat comprised of a warm, fluffy corn cake that transports delicious fillings straight into your face. You could make a pupusa out of anything, really, but I'd recommend serving with any combination of soft cheese, shredded pork, and refried beans. Top your pupusa with curtido (a slaw made of shredded, pickled veggies) and tomato sauce and you're golden.

Bunnicula/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bunnicula

Pastelitos de Carne

Pastelitos de Carne

“Pastel” can mean different things across Latin America (cake for some, pastries for others). In this case, it refers to a flaky, sweet layers pastry filled with goodness. For a savory treat, try pastelitos filled with chopped, spicy chorizo sausage or ground beef with onions and olives. These are quintessential party foods, and also great for a hearty midday snack.

Linsay007/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: linsay007

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