23 Snacks That Should Definitely Exist


I have a dream. My dream is bacon Twizzlers.

1. A Pez-style dispenser that delivers Cheetos directly into your mouth, so you don't have to get cheese on your fingers.

2. A burrito corn dog where, instead of hot dog, there's a full array of burrito fillings inside.

3. Savory Pop Tarts with pizza filling:

Well, these sort of do exist. But they need to be EVERYWHERE.

Nathan W. Pyle / BuzzFeed

4. Arnold Palmer Oreos, with tea-flavored cookies and lemon filling.

5. Uncrustable sandwiches full of BBQ pulled pork.

6. An fully milkproof, edible cereal bowl. Like a bread bowl, but made out of compressed cereal, sort of like an ice cream cone.

7. Peelable bacon Twizzlers:

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