13 Cheaper Alternatives To Life’s Expensive Necessities


Sure, Vitamix and Le Creuset are great if you want to spend all your money. But we found the next best thing that will save you tons.

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Blender: Vitamix vs. Ninja

Blender: Vitamix vs. Ninja

In this test, the Ninja and the Vitamix performed almost exactly the same making smoothies and milkshakes. The Vitamix was a little quieter and easier to clean, but for $320 less, the Ninja is a great alternative. Get one here.

vitamix.com /

Vacuum: Dyson vs. Shark

Vacuum: Dyson vs. Shark

This video review shows the Shark actually sucks more than the Dyson. (In this case, sucking is a good thing.) And you'll save $240! Get one here.

dyson.com / amazon.com

Dutch Oven: Le Creuset vs. Lodge

Dutch Oven: Le Creuset vs. Lodge

In this test, both brands performed exactly the same. The Le Creuset comes in slightly different volumes (3 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/2 & 7 1/2 quart) than the Lodge (3, 4.6, 6, 7 quart), but otherwise the $350 difference doesn't get you anything different. Check out the Lodge here.


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