What Does Your Tea Preference Say About You?


Satisfaction guaran-TEA-d.


Earl Grey is a solidly middle-class tea.”
“I first had Earl Grey when I got rescued from being lost after a New Year's Eve party. I was freezing and this chap called Giles took me in and gave me hot sweet Earl Grey and I fell in love with it there and then.”
“That is the best middle-class Earl Grey anecdote I have ever heard.”
“People called Giles drink Earl Grey. Enough said.”

“Darjeeling is the kind of tea that people discover on their gap yah and then insist on pronouncing in a foreign accent whenever they order in in England.”
“It is very pleasing to say out loud. Darjeeeeeeeeling.”

“My brother is an anthropologist and he tells me often about Rooibos. I think that's all anthropologists drink.”
“Fad tea. The kind of thing Grazia magazine tells you you need in your life. You do not.”
“I once worked for a man who owned a pet frog, and he drank rooibos tea from a wine glass.”
“It's a tea for people who own frog slaves.”

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