The Definitive Ranking Of Your Favorite Mexican Candy


Salt and chili spice and everything nice…

Camotes Poblanos

Camotes Poblanos

Camotes Poblanos are good but they're not great. They're the candies your mom brought over after visiting relatives in Mexico. She'd be like, “I GOT CANDY!” and everyone would flip out… until you saw these. And then you take one bite and let the mushy consistency disintegrate in your mouth like the inside of an extra soggy french fry with sugar. Surprisingly good. Not great.

Limon 7

Limon 7

SALT AND LEMON. That's it. No sweetness whatsoever. You can taste the acid powder oozing down your throat and burning a hole into your stomach. This is definitely the candy of choice for masochists.



If you're walking down the streets of Puebla, Mexico, and come across an outdoor candy shop, you'll find some borrachitos generally lying right next to the camotes. They're fruity (generally lime, pineapple, and strawberry) and take on a soft jelly-like consistency, coated in grains of sugar. They also contain the tiniest hint of liquor (hence borrachitos or drunkards). They're homemade, which makes them all the more awesome.



Take Limon 7, and add a little sugar and spice and you got a bomb-ass combination. The molotov cocktail of candies. It'll still burn your esophagus, but at least you're enjoying it.

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