17 Unfortunate Recipes From The ’70s That Will Kill Your Appetite


Not everything vintage is cool.

General Mills / Getty Images/iStockphoto LucAA-a de Salterain

As far as the decades go, the 1970s were far out. Disco, bell bottoms, The Brady Bunch. But some things are better left in the past, like these recipes from the 1971 Betty Crocker card catalogue. Here's a countdown of the least appetizing recipes we came across, from those that aren't so groovy to those that are grody to the max.

Glamorous Grapefruit

Glamorous Grapefruit

The fruit salad cups themselves look great, but the sad, gloopy yogurt seems a little too pink. It does win a few Fergie points for being G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S tho. #flossyflossy

General Mills (1971)



This so-called “American Classic” starts off with potential, with what looks like a tropical chicken salad. Could be a total win. But once the recipe calls for peanuts, bananas, and a pineapple boat, it's just too much.

General Mills (1971)

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