7 Cocktails You Can Make With Surge Now That You’re An Adult


All your favorite drinks have been missing an essential, neon-green ingredient: SURGE.

Photo by Lauren Zaser / Design by Rachel Sanders / BuzzFeed Life

Surge has returned to us.

Earlier this fall, in response to impassioned pleas from their consumer base, Coca-Cola resurrected the beloved caffeinated citrus soda from its bubbly grave. The drink is now for sale exclusively on Amazon, where a bulk order of 48 tallboy cans will run you around $100 (as of press time). And boy, do people have feelings about it!

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed Life

While Surge's phosphorescent green glow may remain undimmed, the young men and women who kept the flame of hope alive have changed in the decade-plus since it went off the market: We can now legally consume alcohol.

So what better way to celebrate the Return of Surge than with seven classic boozy beverages, now much improved by the fresh lemon-lime flavor of '90s nostalgia? (That was a rhetorical question, there is no better way.) Order yourself a few cases of soda and get mixing with these recipes.

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