Heartfelt Photographs Of Hope And Hunger


The solution to hunger starts with us. A selection of images submitted to National Geographic from its photo community, Your Shot .

This month, National Geographic is asking their readers to submit photos that depict hunger and hope via its online photo-sharing platform, Your Shot, until Nov. 30. At the end of the submission period, a panel of editors including National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths and acclaimed chef Mario Batali will handpick their favorites for an online story. Here are a handful of submitted images along with some of Griffiths' taken while on assignment with Feeding America:

“My mother was making breakfast on a summer morning and she was breaking eggs. I told her to hold her hands up while breaking one of the eggs.”

Marcus Sam /National Geographic Your Shot

“In Firebaugh, California, needy families arrive in the middle of the night to wait in line for food distribution the next day. Many sleep in their cars after placing carts and boxes out as placeholders. Drought conditions have led to job loss and food insecurity in this, one of America's most important agricultural regions.”

Annie Griffiths/National Geographic Creative

“Baby Marietta shares an apple with her mother after picking up fresh groceries from a food delivery site. Her young parents share a chilly trailer in rural Tennessee with their three children. Her mother cried when she spoke about how much the food they receive helps them survive.”

Annie Griffiths/National Geographic Creative

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