22 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Amsterdam


In case you get the munchies.

Cheese from De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam.


Not only will you find ALL the cheese here, they also have super tasty brown bread, juicy olives and delicious meats. If you want to stop by for a quick lunch, ask for a truffle cheese baguette.


Patatje Oorlog from any “snackbar”.


In The Netherlands the “snackbar” is where you go to get your chips, and contrary to popular belief, Dutchies aren't just about the mayonnaise. The best sauce comes with “patatje oorlog”, a mix of mayo, sate sauce and onions and it translates to war chips. Manneken Pis is known to be one of the best places to get your fix.


Poffertjes from The Pancake Bakery.


Poffertjes are basically baby pancakes covered in butter and powdered sugar. Yum!


A burger from Burgerlijk.


You'll definitely be able to get a decent burger in Amsterdam but Burgerlijk takes it to another level. Just make sure you're hungry because their portions are HUGE.


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