20 Vietnamese Foods You Need To Try Now


Author of My Vietnamese Kitchen and contributor to Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube, Uyen Luu, shares her favourite Vietnamese dishes.

Pho Bo (beef Pho) and Pho Ga (chicken Pho)


“A true Vietnamese favourite. Need to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great for hangovers. Broth is nutritious!”



Bun Bo Hue


“So many textures, perfect balance of hot, sour, sweet, salty, umami and lots of zesty herbs contrasting with earthy ones. The curly banana blossom and water spinach adds crunch. It's perfection in a bowl and great for breakfast – it really wakens the senses”.





“Can be made using left over rice, with any kind of broth and pimped up with left over meat, vegetables and herbs. It's great for when you’re feeling under the weather as it nurses the body back to health – also great for breakfast”.



Summer rolls – Gio Cuon


“It's a salad in a roll. Great way of eating lots of salad. So healthy! Great for snacking and lunches. It's important to have a good dipping sauce”.



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