Here’s What Happens When You Ask A Chef To Make You Breakfast


The best way to cure a hangover is with carbs, butter, and a serious amount of booze.

Design by Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed. Photos by Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

You might know chef Harold Dieterle as the winner of Top Chef, season one. Or, you might know him as the chef and co-owner of Perilla and Kin Shop,both in NYC's West Village. I know him because before I was an editor at BuzzFeed, I worked as one of his line cooks. Like every chef on earth, Dieterle likes to give his line cooks (and ex-line cooks) a hard time, which made this BuzzFeed Breakfast extra fun.

Having working in restaurant kitchens for the better part of two decades, Dieterle cares a lot about food. Justifiably VERY UPSET about a burnt omelet he'd seen on my Instagram feed the day before, he kicked off our morning at the BuzzFeed Test Kitchen with an impromptu tutorial on how to make the perfect (not “burnt to shit”) omelet. Here's the video, if you want to up your omelet game.

Dieterle also knows a thing or two about hangovers. “The whole idea behind this dish is, I got totally bombed on Christmas Eve one year from drinking too much eggnog,” he told BuzzFeed Life. “The next morning I was asked to make breakfast. I decided on a little hair of the dog, and we had some French toast with eggnog in it.” The version below calls for bourbon instead of rum, because eggnog season is over and bourbon maple syrup is the best thing that can happen before noon. And don't stress if you don't have challah bread. “You can use brioche,” Dieterle says. “And actually the first time I did this, I used Wonder bread.” Just be sure to get a good coat of corn flakes on each slice, and don't go light on the bourbon.

Here is everything you’ll need to make the boozy French toast:

Here is everything you'll need to make the boozy French toast:

Corn flakes, a loaf of challah bread, eggs, heavy cream, bourbon, milk, nutmeg, golden raisins, vanilla extract, butter, sugar, and maple syrup.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

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